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OOZE Silicone Glass Water Pipe

  • Quartz Banger 
  • Glass Bowl 
  • Silicone Steam 
  • Suction Base Cup 
  • Best Seller 
  • Get the pot brewin' with the Ooze Kettle silicone glass bong & dab rig hybrid piece! This classic Ooze piece looks just like a little tea kettle, and has handy features like a magnet on the downstem to hold a dabber or lighter, and a suction cup base to keep it firmly on the table.
  • The Kettle is a super versatile piece that is so easy to use! This silicone glass piece was designed to be used as a bong AND a dab rig, so we included a flower bowl and a quartz banger. Simply swap your accessory, and maybe change the water, to switch between functions. This piece is made up of a silicone body piece and several glass accessories that keep the smoke tasting clean and pure, and gives the piece its shape and structure. A thick glass cup is the water chamber, which can be easily popped in and out which makes cleaning a breeze. The bottom is a suction cup to keep it in one place and prevents party fouls. This piece is safe around your clumsiest friends! It also features a small lightning bolt magnet on the downstem to hold your sticky dabber or keep your lighter in one place.
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