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Sing up for our boxes. All the products we offer in them are organic, vegan and tabacco free.

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Organic Artisanal Cones

Organic Artisanal Cones

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High Hemp Organic Artisanal Cones


Welcome to the future of hassle-free smoking with our High Hemp Wrap Cones – the first ever pre-rolled Hemp Blunt Wrap cones designed for enjoying our exceptional legal herbal blends. Offering unparalleled convenience and quality, our High Hemp Wrap Cones let you savor the richness of our herbal blends without the need for rolling.

Every High Hemp Wrap Cone is crafted from our industry-leading, all-natural High Hemp Wraps, ensuring a smooth, GMO-free, and vegan smoking experience. Embrace a new level of convenience without sacrificing the rich flavor and slow burn you've come to expect from our renowned High Hemp.

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