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OOZE Traveler smell Proof Tavel Pouch 

Color Black 

Toiletry-Sized Bag 


Inner Pockets With Velcro Dividers 

3 Digit Lock to Keep your Things Secure 

Best Brand

  •  Ooze smell proof travel case from our Traveler Series. Each bag is carbon lined to keep the freshness and odor of your product contained within the bag. Ooze has a mission to help customers enjoy their product while keeping it discreet.
  • The Ooze smell proof container travel bag has a wide variety of uses! Take it with you to school while still packing that loud without smelling loud. It features divided compartments to store your school supplies and accessories. Our smell proof case bag can also be used as a medicine bag, equipt with a lock at the top you will never have to worry about sticky fingers getting into your supply.
  • The Ooze compact travel pouch is perfect as a case or for storing all of your essentials such as papers, filters, tips, and much more. Take advantage of the velcro walls within the pouch, they allow you to customize how you want to organize your smell proof travel pouch. Take out the walls to store larger pieces.
  • For all you jetsetters, bring your Ooze smell proof lock bag / small travel pouch with you on your next trip. Our smell proof bag with zipper and lock can be stowed away in your checked luggage leaving you with no concerns when it comes to staying lifted on your trip. It resembles the majority of toiletry bags on the market, no need to worry about drawing attention to your secret stash tucked away in your bag.
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