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OOZE Saturn Globe Grinder 


 The Ooze Saturn Globe Grinder is a unique 4-piece grinder that has an innovative shape and is fun to use. The Saturn opens into two halves revealing the razor-sharp teeth that are held together by a neodymium magnet. Unscrew the top half to find an empty storage unit to hold unground nugs until it’s time to shred. The bottom half collects the ground product and has a small scraper tool to collect the built-up kief from around the edges.


  • GLOBE | The Saturn Globe Grinder has a unique sphere shape that fits perfectly in hand. Instead of the traditional 4-piece style, this has a storage compartment on top to hold unground nugs. Load product between the middle teeth layers and the grind will fall through to the bottom layer.
  •  The two center teeth layers are black, providing a subtle contrast against the larger grey layers. Buy a second Saturn for a friend and mix and match the colors!
  • EASY TWIST | The globe shape of the Saturn makes it incredibly easy to load and twist. Simply pull it apart into two halves and put a nug in between to crush. Place thumbs on the thumb prints on top and bottom, and be amazed by how the grinder just glides with ease.
  • COMPACT | The Saturn is small and compact, measuring just 2.5” by 2.5”. It can be tossed right in a backpack or purse to take to go, or easily stored right alongside the rest of the smoke station tools.
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