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OOZE Flare Dry Vaporizer 


The Flare makes dry herb vaping. This device has only a few steps to set it up for use, and functions just as well as devices that cost more than twice the price of the Flare. Remove the mouthpiece cap and pack ground herb into the ceramic heating chamber. Don’t pack it too tight, you want there to be some airflow around the chamber to make sure that the flower heats evenly. Replace the cap when the chamber is full and you’re ready to vape.

Click the power button 5x to turn the Flare on. Select a temperature between 300-446°F by using the arrow buttons, and watch the temperature climb on the digital screen. The screen will also show you how much charge the 2200 mAh battery has left.

Flex Temp up to 300-446 F

2200 mAh

Straw Mouthpiece

Easy To Use 

Warranty with OOZE 

Ceramic Chamber 

Micro USB Charger 

Digital Screem

Color Panther Black

Best Seller 

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