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Mafioso Kingpin Collab Tray

Mafioso Kingpin Collab Tray

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 Mafioso Kingpin X RAW Collab Tray


Introducing the Mafioso Kingpin x RAW Collab Tray – a rolling tray that's sure to turn heads! This rolling tray comes with two levels and has plenty of room for all your rolling supplies. On the top level, you can break down your material while on the bottom level, there's a designated spot for rolling up. Plus, this rolling tray comes apart so you can share it with friends – they can break down their own material while you roll up yours! So get ready to be rolling like a pro with the Mafioso Kingpin x RAW Collab Tray – perfect for rolling up anywhere and anytime!

The Kingpin of A Great Relaxation Session

As a reseller, you should know about RAW. This brand is one of the best in the business of rolling papers and trays, and now they’ve brought something spectacular. 

They’ve teamed up with another giant in the field, Kingpin, to introduce the wholesale RAW & Kingpin Mafioso Large Plastic Rolling Tray. This tray is one of the best in the industry, as it brings a lot more than just a flat surface on which to roll a cigar. 

The Organized Mafioso Rules

There is a lot more to rolling herbs than just the paper and the dried leaves. Your customers don’t just pack up herbs in the rolling paper and roll. There are other accessories that help out in the process. Things like the grinder, a glass tip, and others. 

All these accessories can get all disorganized and that is where these trays come in. They have all these holes that help your customer keep their tools in order. Other trays cannot help as much with this as most of them are just there to catch the falling herb. 

The wholesale RAW & Kingpin Mafioso Large Plastic Rolling Tray is made of plastic which keeps it durable, but it weighs about 0.450kg, so carrying it around shouldn’t be a hassle. 

  • Dimensions:  10.3" x 8.3" x 1.8”
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